pillow block bearing

Pillow block Spherical bearings priority for applications that require simple equipment and spare parts occasions, such as for agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.


Details of UCFX20 pillow block bearing

Type of bearingPillow block bearing
Model of bearingUCFX20
House bearing numberFX20
Insert bearing numberUCX20
Shaft size100mm   Size: 27*268*211mm
Delivery  date2-5 working days after received ur payment
Payment termsA:100% L/C at  sight
B:30% T/T in advance .70% against copy of  B/L
C:Western Union
D:Paypal and so on
BrandFYH brand
MaterialBearing steel, Stainless steel Chrome steel , Carbon steel, ceramic
PackagingFYH Standard packing
Features1) High load capacity and accuracy.
2) Reasonable structure and aligning with the most appropriate.
3) High sealing performance.
4) Grease supplement simple.
5) Bearing high rigidity, high strength.
6) Install, easy to use.
Our Advantages1. Famous brand and high quality.
2. Prompt delivery.
3. Competitive price.

Supply Model

 UCP201 UCF201 UCFL201 UCT201 UCFC201 UCPH201 UCFA201 UCPA201 UCFB201 UCHA201 UCC201
 UCP202 UCF202 UCFL202 UCT202 UCFC202 UCPH202 UCFA202 UCPA202 UCFB202 UCHA202 UCC202
 UCP203 UCF203 UCFL203 UCT203 UCFC203 UCPH203 UCFA203 UCPA203 UCFB203 UCHA203 UCC203
 UCP204 UCF204 UCFL204 UCT204 UCFC204 UCPH204 UCFA204 UCPA204 UCFB204 UCHA204 UCC204
 UCP205 UCF205 UCFL205 UCT205 UCFC205 UCPH205 UCFA205 UCPA205 UCFB205 UCHA205 UCC205
 UCP206 UCF206 UCFL206 UCT206 UCFC206 UCPH206 UCFA206 UCPA206 UCFB206 UCHA206 UCC206
 UCP207 UCF207 UCFL207 UCT207 UCFC207 UCPH207 UCFA207 UCPA207 UCFB207 UCHA207 UCC207
 UCP208 UCF208 UCFL208 UCT208 UCFC208 UCPH208 UCFA208 UCPA208 UCFB208 UCHA208 UCC208
 UCP209 UCF209 UCFL209 UCT209 UCFC209 UCPH209 UCFA209 UCPA209 UCFB209 UCHA209 UCC209
 UCP210 UCF210 UCFL210 UCT210 UCFC210 UCPH210 UCFA210 UCPA210 UCFB210 UCHA210 UCC210
 UCP211 UCF211 UCFL211 UCT211 UCFC211 UCPH211 UCFA211 UCPA211 UCFB211 UCHA211 UCC211
 UCP212 UCF212 UCFL212 UCT212 UCFC212 UCPH212 UCFA212 UCPA212 UCFB212 UCHA212 UCC212
 UCP213 UCF213 UCFL213 UCT213 UCFC213 UCPH213 UCFA213 UCPA213 UCFB213 UCHA213 UCC213
 UCP214 UCF214 UCFL214 UCT214 UCFC214 UCPH214 UCFA214 UCPA214 UCFB214 UCHA214 UCC214
 UCP215 UCF215 UCFL215 UCT215 UCFC215 UCPH215 UCFA215 UCPA215 UCFB215 UCHA215 UCC215
 UCP216 UCF216 UCFL216 UCT216 UCFC216 UCPH216 UCFA216 UCPA216 UCFB216 UCHA216 UCC216
 UCP217 UCF217 UCFL217 UCT217 UCFC217 UCPH217 UCFA217 UCPA217 UCFB217 UCHA217 UCC217
 UCP218 UCF218 UCFL218 UCT218 UCFC218 UCPH218 UCFA218 UCPA218 UCFB218 UCHA218